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Proposed Project Dates

29th September to 13th October 2018

About The Mission

Following God’s leading, Frank and Edel and their children left Ireland for Armenia in April 2006. The family are getting older now and two of the children have returned home here to further their own careers. Frank and Edel are involved in a local church and with CEF, they are working with our brothers in the Lord who are carrying out very sensitive work in the building of His Kingdom. Their home requires much needed maintenance, so they have asked LIFT to help.

 About The Work

This year’s team have been asked to lay some concrete paving around the building, plaster the ground floor balcony wall to the rear of the building. Replace the old dangerous electrical wiring in the basement which has become a fire hazard and pour some concrete walkways around the side of the building to help seal the basement from surface ingress water when it rains.

Skills Required

Electrician, Plasterer, Landscape Gardener and Handy Enthusiasts

Team Size

10 Volunteers Required


To make ths project viable we are asking for a donation of approx. £900.00

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