If you would like LIFT to consider a project your organisation requires assistance with, please download the LIFT Project Submission Questionnaire.

Once completed please email it to LIFT at the email address provided. We will consider your application and respond to you as quickly as possible.

Below are some common questions we receive from organisations submitting projects. Should you have any questions which are not answered below do not hesitate to contact us via our contact page and we will get back to you soon as possible.

Project Application FAQs

These are the typical questions that we are asked by those who are considering applying for the work team.

Who can apply for a LIFT team?

LIFT is a Christian mission organisation and accepts applications from all overseas Christian Missionary organisations or Christian missionaries.

Do LIFT supply materials or finance for materials?

No. LIFT supplies a labour force only and works in partnership with missions. The materials or the finance to purchase the materials must be available locally before a team arrives.

What do we need to provide for a LIFT team?

LIFT does not want to be a burden on the mission as this would undermine what we are trying to achieve. There is no charge for a team, our aim to help you share the Gospel better. All our team members are volunteers and they all pay their own expenses.

The following are some considerations when submitting a project:

  • Transport to and from the Airport will be required. (LIFT will contribute to the cost of this.)
  • Transport to and from the Project site, if required. (LIFT will contribute to the cost of this.)
  • Accommodation and food is to be provided. (LIFT will contribute to the cost of this.)
  • If we are working with local people we may require someone to translate for the team.
  • All materials or large plant if required are to be provided.

What type of accommodation does a team need?

It does not need to be anything grand, just safe and clean will do, with somewhere to wash and eat.

Does someone need to cook for the team?

It is best if someone can cook for the team, but if this is not possible we can bring our own cook along with the team.

How long does a project last?

A normal project lasts two weeks at a time, however, it is quite amazing how much work can be achieved in that time when the Lord is in it and you have a team with serving hearts. Some projects we return in the following years if required.

What size of team is best?

The size of the team will depend on a number of factors such as transport, accommodation, the size of the task, etc. We have had one person go on a project to carry out a particular job and we have had 20 people go out. Most teams are around 8 people.

What time of year is best?

This is totally your call, it needs to work for you and fit in with your programme. The rainy season or working in very hot or humid conditions will have an effect on the work. But we will take your advice on this.

What type of work does a team do?

We can do most construction projects, it may be more beneficial to use local labour or plant to do some work. But we carry out electrical, plumbing, joinery, painting, IT, metalwork, bricklaying, etc..

How long do a team work each day?

This varies from project to project, but each team will have a team leader and the working times will be agreed between him and the mission. A LIFT team is there to work, so long days are normal. We try to have a day off and on this day the team may go sightseeing, if the mission organise this the cost will be the teams’ responsibility. We do not carry out manual work on Sunday’s.