What are Cookies?

Also known as browser cookies or tracking cookies, cookies are small, often encrypted text files, located in browser directories. LIFT use cookies to perform certain functions. Blocking cookies may prevent you from using aspects of this or other web sites you visit..

Further information can be obtained by visiting the ICO web site who oversee this specific issue. The link will open in a new window.

What Cookies are on the LIFT web site?

Currently, we use cookies for two main functions within this web site.

1) Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool used by many sites on the internet. Our use is to measure visitor preferences so that we can ensure we are providing the information you need when you visit our site.

This makes use of four individual cookies but all are related to use of Google's services.

1) The cookie advisory statement

This is shown in the panel bottom of our web site. In order to prevent the panel from being shown every time you visit our site, a cookie must be stored on your computer. This is detected each subsequent time you visit and prevents the panel from being displayed.

Third Party Cookies

LIFT make use of third party services to provide facilities and content on this web site.  Currently we use Youtube for video content and AddThis for our social bookmarking button which enables you to share content from our web site.

Third party providers may use cookies to obtain anonymous information about your use of their services.  For example Youtube may collect information on your browser type and how many times you have viewed the video.

LIFT have no control over the use of cookies by third parties and while we endeavour to use known providers, we accept no liability for any information obtained by third party suppliers utilising cookies.

How can I control Cookies in my browser?

While most browsers are set to automatically accept certain cookies on your behalf you can change the setting.

A web site has been created to provide information on how to change these settings. The site is called All About Cookies. Left-clicking the name of the site will open this in a new browser window.

Instructions are provided for each popular brand of web browser except Safari for which we have provided instructions below:
Safari Cookie Management

  • Left-click the cog icon located right side of the Safari toolbar
  • Select Preferences
  • Switch to the Privacy tab

On this tab you can:

  • Clear all the cookies stored on your computer by selecting the Remove All Website Data option.
  • Manage which cookies to block.
  • Manage how often you need to accept cookie requests from web sites.

Please note that should you decide to block essential cookies, such as those used by e-commerce sites to maintain the items in your shopping basket, this will affect and in some instances prevent you from using a web site fully.


While we have provided this information, LIFT accept no responsibility for any negative effects caused by your use of the information either here or linked to from this site. The decision to allow or block cookies remains with you as the web site visitor.