Below are answers to some questions we are often asked by new volunteers, those seeking to donate to the work of LIFT and visitors to our website and offices. If you have a question for which you cannot find an answer below or elsewhere on our website, do not hesitate to contact us.

How do LIFT get projects?

Missions, Missionaries, Churches or Christian organisations apply for a team, by completing our application form. There is a basic criteria and unfortunately we are unable to send a team to everyone who applies. We have worked with more than 40 different mission organisations. If you know a mission or missionary who needs a team please pass on our details?

Who can go on a LIFT project?

Anyone who has accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their own personal Saviour. Our age limits are 18 – 80 years old. We try to ensure that we have the correct trades’ people on each team, but we also welcome Handy Enthusiasts. Click here to view our current projects.

Do I need to be skilled in construction work to be able to serve on a LIFT team?

Most of our teams are made up of skilled and non-skilled volunteers. We obviously need to have the correct skills on each team, but each trades person needs a mate to help them, we call these people ‘Handy Enthusiasts’.

How do I apply to go on a team?

Contact us by e-mail, telephone, text or just call into the office, if you feel that it is Gods will for you to go, then please get in touch. Click here to volunteer using our online form.

What is included in the cost of a project?

Each project is different but volunteers will be given the cost of the project and are expected to donate the cost to LIFT. LIFT is an non-profit organisation so we do not add anything to the cost. Your donation will include:

  • All road travel
  • All flights
  • Visa if required
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Travel and work Insurance
  • Personal Protective Kit
  • LIFT issue clothing

How often does the team meet before going on the project?

Generally each team will meet at least twice. The first meeting will be getting to know each other and learning about the work. The second meeting is a ‘family’ meeting which will be over a meal together, at this meeting volunteers are welcome to invite a family member along to meet the rest of the team members.

How much spending money do I need to bring?

You will not have much time to go shopping. A LIFT team is a work team and we will be working long hours most days, to achieve the most we can in the time given. There is normally a day off which sightseeing can be organised. We do not carry out manual work on Sundays. Generally a couple of hundred pounds will be more than enough depending if you plan to purchase gifts.

Who is looking after the team?

Without trying to be flippant about it, but God is in charge and everything we do we must put Him and the Kingdom first. LIFT Management Council is responsible for the projects and volunteers. Each team will have a team leader who will be responsible for the project. You will be an ambassador for Christ, we do not want anything we do to harm the witness of the mission we are partnering with. We expect all volunteers to co-operate with the team leader fully for the entire duration of the project. The team leader will liaise with the mission regarding the day to day issues and planning while on the project.

Will LIFT organise my church team to go on a project?

Yes, we are here to serve. We want to help those who help others. If you have a team of people from your church who want to go out together we will be happy to organise this for you. If you have a small group then we can organise them to go out with one of our teams, it is good to meet other like-minded Christians and make long lasting friendships.

Where does the money come from to pay to go on a project?

We ask every team member to donate the cost for them going on the project. Some volunteers will pay for this directly from their own pockets, others will do some fundraising and others will receive sponsorship from their churches.

Where does LIFT get its money?

We have a very faithful group of people who donate on a regular basis, along with donations from churches and organisations as well as Gift Aid.

Is LIFT a registered charity?

Yes we are, our charity number is NIC101657.