In Partnership With: Entrepierres Missionary Care Centre (EMCC)

Proposed Project Dates

18th to 30th March 2017

About The Mission

The Entrepierres Missionary Care Centre (EMCC) was founded in 1968 with the purpose to help God’s devoted servants maintain and renew their health and passion for the ministry of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately half of those who leave the field each year do so for preventable reasons, such as team conflict, lack of clear call, marriage issues, immature spiritual life, poor cultural adaptation, lack of job satisfaction, inadequate supervision and burnout. EMCC offers a place of rest and Christian counselling.

 About The Work

LIFT has had three previous teams at EMCC based near the town of Sisteron in southern France. Due to the centre being a place of convalescence and counselling it is important that the buildings are comfortable and offer a place for quite reflexion and relaxation. This year’s small team will be working to convert a store room into a place for private and personal quite times and prayer. This will include, electrical work, including an electrical under floor heating system, drywall lining, tiling and painting.

Skills Required

Joiners, Dry-Liners and Electricians

Team Size

4 Volunteers Required


To make ths project viable we are asking for a donation of approx. £650.00

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