In Partnership With: The Good News Foundation

Proposed Project Dates

5th to 19th August 2017

About The Mission

The Good News Foundation are serving the Lord in their village and throughout Hungary. They run a local church and they have planted a “Gipsy” church in a nearby town, organised missions for the Gipsy people, hosting and organising Christian retreats and conferences, carrying out charitable work and spiritual help for those in need, providing support for people with housing problems and helping people to reintegrate into society. LIFT has worked with the Good News Foundation and Charles Ficsor in Orgovány since 2005. Charles has now retired and his son Donat is carrying on the great work which his father started. This will be LIFT’s sixth project with the Good News Foundation.

 About The Work

About three years ago they purchased a house with a small building beside it. The house was used by a Gipsy couple who were saved through grace and their lives wonderfully changed by Jesus. Donat encouraged them to change in several other ways and they have now set up their own family home. The small building is not suitable to live in and LIFT have been asked to help turn this small building into a 1 or 2 person’s home. This will provide the Good News Foundation a home for two independent-living families or people.

Skills Required

Joiner, Electrician, Plumber, Plasterer, Tilers and Handy Enthusiasts

Team Size

8 Volunteers Required


To make ths project viable we are asking for a donation of approx. £850.00

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