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In Partnership With: Children's Vision International

Proposed Project Dates

23rd to 7th July 2018

About The Mission

Each year Children's Vision International operates a medical outreach, supported by the government. LIFT has sent out a medical team each year since 2011 to be part of a larger international medical team. Many of the people treated will only have this one opportunity to seek medical attention. Sadly each year the team has to turn away almost as many people as it is able to treat. Often people in family groups, travel great distances on foot to be treated.

 About The Work

Our Medical team will join with other health professionals from around the world for this two week intense health care programme. The team will assess, diagnose and treat the very poor of Colombia. Operations if required will be carried out in hired operation theatres. Each person who volunteers will be currently practising in their field of health care and each volunteer will be required to provide proof of their profession. Our team last year worked on the world’s most densely populated island of Santa Cruz del Islote. Traveling with the Colombian Navy via air and sea and sleeping on a navy ship. Treating people who otherwise would have no access to health care.

Skills Required

Doctors, Surgeons, GPs, Dentists, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Opticians etc. There is a need for all types of health professionals

Team Size

8 Volunteers Required to join an international team


To make ths project viable we are asking for a donation of approx. £1,3500.00

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