In Partnership With: Ida Johnston and cef

Proposed Project Dates

2nd to 16th June 2020

About The Mission

Ida Johnston from Northern Ireland has worked with CEF in Norway for almost 40 years. Ida sits on the committee of The Norwegian Lutheran Missionary Association (NML).  As well as working in Norway NLM also serves in Africa, South America and Asia.  The work in Norway includes 30 camp sites, schools, a retail chain, missionary communities, radio and other media operations, publishing activities etc.  NLM was founded in 1891 under the name of the Chinese Missionary Foundation to send missionaries to China.  When the missionaries had to leave after World War II,the organisation changed its name.  At this time of the year there is 24 hour daylight, although it is not always warm.

 About The Work

The LIFT team will live on the camp that they will be working on.  The main house is in need of upgrading and decoration, and the roof will need some major work carried out on it.  There will also be electrical work and plumbing work on the site.


Skills Required

Joiners with knowledge of roofing work, Plumbers, Electricians, Painters and Handy Enthusiasts

Team Size

15 Volunteers Required


To make this project viable we are asking for a donation of approx. £1,250.00

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