In Partnership With: The Nazareth Trust

Proposed Project Dates

9th to 24th October 2021

About The Mission

The Nazareth Trust have been 'Healing in the Name of Jesus' in Nazareth since 1861. What started as a humble clinic with 4 beds has grown to become Nazareth's General Hospital sitting high on 25 acres of Nazarene hillside which they have owned since 1906. Today this modern general hospital employs over 400 staff, has 147 beds, and operates within the framework of the Israeli Healthcare system. The hospital treats all people. Although the staff and maintenance of the hospital are paid for by the government, any Christian work and buildings used to advance the Kingdom are not and depend on gifts and voluntary work.

 About The Work

Our previous LIFT teams to the Nazareth Trust hospital have been working on a four storey house called the ‘Doctors House’ which is now used for short term Ministry workers ranging from two weeks to six months. Our 2021 team will continue to progress the work further, renovating the accommodation on the campus.TNT also ownand operate the Nazareth Trust Village where many tourists come to get a flavour of life in Jesus' time, so our team will also be carrying out some work at the village. Most of the hospital staff are now from Israel and employed for their skills in medicine and health care, therefore the work to the missionary accommodation is vital in order to maintain the sharing of the Gospel and Christian influence and principles at the hospital. This team was cancelled in 2020 due to Covid-19.

Skills Required

Joiners, Plumbers, Tilers, Painters and Handy Enthusiasts

Team Size

10 Volunteers Required


To make this project viable we are asking for a donation of approx. £1000.00

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