In Partnership With: Friends of Mandritsara

Proposed Project Dates

6th to 13th Juanuary 2020

About The Mission

The work of Hopitaly Vaovao Mahafaly (or Good News Hospital) in Mandritsara in the north of Madagascar is a rural mission hospital providing the sole surgical service for a population of 250,000 people. They carry out about 1400 operations each year. Some patients live locally while others travel 200km or further to get treatment. It is the best hospital in the area and cares for an area about half the size of Wales. The mission statement of the hospital in partnership with the Bible Baptist Churches is to glorify God by Proclaiming the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ, Teaching the Bible and Caring for those in need as Jesus did. Louise Little and Cathy Armstrong are presently serving as nurses full time with LIFT at HVM.


 About The Work

The hospital has plans to build a new Theatre block in 2020 but are seeking professional help with the design.  They have asked for someone to help with selecting the exact location, layout and design og the new block.  Later in the year we hope to send a team to help with the construction work of the theatre.

Skills Required

Architect, Structural Engineer, Civil Engineer and/or a builder with experience in hospital construction.

Team Size

3 Volunteers Required


To make this project viable we are asking for a donation of approx. £1,400.00

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